Voice Is Dead. Long Live Voice!

Customers Increasingly Prefer Alternatives to Phone

dowload a printable PDF of this articleFor a number of years, marketing experts have been predicting that voice calls would ultimately take a back seat to other digital channels. Increasingly, customers want to use email, web chat and social media to communicate with organizations, rather than picking up the telephone.

Contact center investments have evolved in response to this trend. In a recent survey by analyst firm ContactBabel, 69 percent of organizations said they had a multichannel contact center, which allows customers to communicate with an organization using the channel of their choice.

But Nearly 60% of Customer Interactions Still Use Phone

However, voice is still used for 57.7 percent of all customer interactions, according to a 2016 benchmarking study. And while digital channels are great for rapid response to simple requests, the telephone reigns when it comes to more complex issues. In the ContactBabel survey, 63 percent of contact center managers said they prefer voice for handling complaints.

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