The Critical Role of the WAN in Business Continuity

The Stability of Your WAN Is Mission Critical

dowload a printable PDF of this articleWhen developing their business continuity (BC) plans, organizations should consider the potential for WAN disruption. After all, the WAN is needed to support IP phone systems, video conferencing and access to cloud applications. It interconnects multiple locations so they can communicate and share data. It’s mission critical.

The WAN is also fragile. Natural disasters—such as the hurricanes that struck Texas and Florida—can knock out connectivity. So can a backhoe or downed telephone pole. And it may take the service provider days or weeks to repair the damage.

Redundancy and Your Network

The key word in BC planning is “redundancy.” If you have N+1 redundancy, you have a backup for each component in a system. For critical systems, you may need N+2 or even greater redundancy.

In the WAN context, that means more than one Internet connection. Or, depending on your needs and the services that are available, an Internet connection plus a telco circuit, cellular service or satellite link.

You’ll also want InSpeed’s SD-WAN solution. InSpeed doesn’t require multiple Internet connections but can use them to create a more reliable WAN, intelligently routing traffic over the best available service. Your business won’t miss a beat. Find out more from one of our SD-WAN professionals.



InSpeed Joins ShoreTel TechConnect Program

ShoreTel TechConnect Partner Program Accepts InSpeed

Solution certification ensures high customer satisfaction even over the most unreliable networks

InSpeed Networks is the first SaaS networking vendor to be admitted into the ShoreTel TechConnect program. Customers and partners will now be able to use the ShoreTel TechConnect certified InSpeed Quality Service™ (IQS) to ensure their telephony and UC applications work every time, all the time. TechConnect is a global technology and developer partner program that extends ShoreTel solution capabilities beyond its current product portfolio.

InSpeed Joins ShoreTel TechConnect Technology Partners Program

“InSpeed Networks represents the tip of the spear of networking vendors focusing on the toughest of communication challenges, interactive applications,” said Shannon Graham, director of ShoreTel TechConnect. “We are very happy to welcome InSpeed Networks into our technology partner community and look forward to enabling hassle-free deployment and maintenance of ShoreTel’s solutions with InSpeed’s certified solution.”

“ShoreTel is a leader in UC solutions and business phone systems, and I look forward to again being part of their world-class technology partner community,” said Ed Basart, President and CEO of InSpeed Networks. “By finally addressing the reliability and performance issues that have until now stymied UC operation, InSpeed’s certified solution enables ShoreTel partners and customers to increase their productivity and maximize collaboration through best-of-breed networking, cloud applications and mobility solutions.”

As the first approved SaaS vendor using the tools of SD-WAN in the ShoreTel TechConnect program, InSpeed Networks will participate in ShoreTel’s global partner conference, ShoreTelOne, in Orlando, Florida, December 6-8, 2016. Visit us at Booth #4.

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