The Critical Role of the WAN in Business Continuity

The Stability of Your WAN Is Mission Critical

dowload a printable PDF of this articleWhen developing their business continuity (BC) plans, organizations should consider the potential for WAN disruption. After all, the WAN is needed to support IP phone systems, video conferencing and access to cloud applications. It interconnects multiple locations so they can communicate and share data. It’s mission critical.

The WAN is also fragile. Natural disasters—such as the hurricanes that struck Texas and Florida—can knock out connectivity. So can a backhoe or downed telephone pole. And it may take the service provider days or weeks to repair the damage.

Redundancy and Your Network

The key word in BC planning is “redundancy.” If you have N+1 redundancy, you have a backup for each component in a system. For critical systems, you may need N+2 or even greater redundancy.

In the WAN context, that means more than one Internet connection. Or, depending on your needs and the services that are available, an Internet connection plus a telco circuit, cellular service or satellite link.

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