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How one company streamlined their home office communications

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The IT skills gap is a big and growing problem that defies easy solutions. The evolution of the IT field is accelerating with new technologies emerging faster than ever before. 63 percent of companies today have remote workers and hiring managers predict that 38 percent of their full-time, permanent employees will work remotely in the next ten years. Organizations seeking to take advantage of those technologies are struggling to find workers who can support them. The result, according to a recent CompTIA report, is reduced productivity, lower sales and profitability, delays in bringing new products and services to market, and losing ground to competitors.

This has created both opportunities and challenges for IT solution providers. Organizations need help, and are more willing than ever to outsource IT support. However, solution providers face the same staffing challenges as other organizations, particularly when it comes to specialized IT skills.

Technology is helping to resolve some of the issues it has created. Near-ubiquitous Internet access means that IT support specialists can access systems remotely, from virtually anywhere. This enables solution providers to cast a wider net when it comes to hiring. They can focus on finding employees with the right skills, regardless of geography.

Professional-Quality Voice in the Home Office: IPC Case Study

[blockquote style=”background-color: #0077b3;” cite=”Mark Guyer
Senior Support Services Engineer
IPC Technologies” type=”left”]“After InSpeed was installed people told me that it sounded like I was in the next room instead of several states away.”[/blockquote]

IPC Technologies has leveraged this model to support its nationwide customer base. A Mitel Platinum-Certified Partner with expertise in phone systems, networks and more, IPC maintains a deep bench of experienced engineers and technicians. Most work from one of IPC’s Network Operations Centers, but some are located in remote offices or even work from home.

One particular support services engineer was living in the greater Kansas City area, far from any IPC branch. He set up an office in his apartment, using the phone and the Internet to support IPC’s customers. His Voice over IP (VoIP) phone tied directly into IPC’s headquarters in Richmond, Va. Customers had no way of knowing he was working remotely.

However, the consumer-grade Internet connection in the engineer’s apartment building was not up to the job. Every afternoon, as Internet traffic increased, the quality of his VoIP calls degraded significantly. Choppiness and robot voice made conversations difficult to understand—and created a poor customer experience for a company that specializes in phone systems.

IPC was familiar with InSpeed Quality Service (IQS) and its ability to optimize voice calls. The company decided to see if IQS could solve the engineer’s VoIP problems. IQS was designed to ensure high-quality business communications over any connection, every time. But could it optimize voice calls over a highly variable, poor-quality Internet service?

IPC shipped a preconfigured InSpeed appliance to the engineer, who set it up in a matter of minutes. All he had to do was plug in two cables and press the “on” button—the appliance automatically connected to the InSpeed cloud and began prioritizing voice, video conferencing and other interactive traffic. The engineer’s VoIP problems disappeared instantly, and other Internet applications performed better as well.

The InSpeed appliance and service are easy to use and manage, so the engineer can focus his efforts on supporting IPC’s customers.

Organizations facing shortages of skilled IT personnel need the ability to hire workers regardless of location. The InSpeed SD-WAN solution can ensure that these employees have high-quality voice calls so they can deliver top-notch support to their customers.

To find out if InSpeed is the right solution for your office space, contact one of our sales specialists.


Gain Speed and Agility with SD-WAN

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In today’s business climate, speed is the name of the game. Organizations that can get to market first and serve customers faster gain competitive advantages. That’s why small to midsize businesses (SMBs) often have the edge over larger firms. They’re leaner and more agile, able to make decisions faster and change course rapidly.

The right technology tools can help. For example, the cloud enables SMBs to spin up new applications quickly with no capital investments and limited risk. Those applications can be accessed by employees in branch locations and home-based offices virtually anywhere in the world.

The traditional WAN used to be a bottleneck. It would take weeks or even months to provision telco circuits with the bandwidth and quality of service to support business communications and remote site connectivity. Today, the right SD-WAN technology makes it fast and simple.

With InSpeed Networks, you can deploy SD-WAN on your existing infrastructure. No waiting for circuits. No configuring devices or defining policies. Our cloud-based solution provides zero-touch remote provisioning and automatically adjusts to changing business requirements. Want to take it for a spin? Fasten your seat belt and give us a call: (650) 597 6430.


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Don’t Let Quality Issues Stop You from Using Video Conferencing


videoconferencing Forrester Research Analyst James L. McQuivey has estimated that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s based on the notion that a picture is worth 1,000 words and video shoots at 30 frames per second.

But if you ask most users, video conferencing isn’t worth 10 cents. In a recent survey, 37 percent of respondents complained of frequent video quality issues, while 40 percent griped about poor audio quality. More than half (53 percent) of users avoid video because of these problems.dowload a printable PDF of this article

That’s unfortunate given the business benefits of video conferencing. It helps teams stay engaged. It improves decision-making. And it saves on travel costs.

It’s also complex. Video conferencing requires cameras, microphones and speakers, and real-time applications to make it all work. It also depends on things that are out of the user’s control, like an Internet connection that wasn’t designed to handle interactive applications.

InSpeed puts you in control. It’s the only SD-WAN solution that ensures Quality of Service for voice and video conferencing over any Internet connection, every time.

But don’t take our word for it. Test drive an InSpeed appliance and see for yourself.