Why Best-In-Class Cloud Services Have Multiple Data Centers Worldwide

The cloud is a nebulous concept to most people, including IT professionals. It’s everywhere and nowhere — customers generally have no knowledge of or control over the location of the IT infrastructure that enables cloud services. Nevertheless, the physical location of cloud resources is critically important, which is why best-in-class cloud service providers have multiple production data centers around the world.

Geographic diversity greatly reduces the risk that a catastrophic event will cause downtime for customers. If a hurricane knocks out one data center on the U.S. East Coast, for example, customer requests can be redirected to alternate facilities. In choosing sites, service providers should look for data centers that are protected as much as possible against weather and seismic events. Geopolitical stability, the proximity of Internet backbone connections, and the availability of local IT resources and talent were also key considerations in the site selection process.

In addition to maximizing availability, geographic diversity brings cloud services closer to local customers. That maximizes performance by minimizing the latency created when data must travel long distances to remote data centers.

Security and regulatory compliance are enhanced by a network of global data centers. Best-in-class service providers select only hardened facilities with the highest levels of physical and logical security controls.

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) plays a role in the choice of data center facilities as well. The GDPR imposes strict requirements for the security and privacy of the personal data of EU citizens and favors the location of such data within the EU. By operating data centers in the EU, cloud providers can help their customers comply with the GDPR.

InSpeed Networks is first and foremost a cloud service provider. Our software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution consists of a small onsite appliance and a cloud instance. The appliance automatically connects to the InSpeed cloud, where patented technology begins monitoring and streamlining Internet traffic.

That’s why InSpeed has 15 production data centers around the world. In North America, our facilities are located in California, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Florida and New Jersey, and Quebec, Canada. Our European data centers are located in London, Frankfurt and Paris. In the Asia-Pacific region, we have data centers in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. On the horizon are future locations in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Customers may think of InSpeed as the small onsite appliance that connects them to the Internet. The appliance is tangible, and its location is known. But the real “magic” behind InSpeed Quality Service takes place in the cloud. While that might seem nebulous you can rest assured that we’ve made strategic decisions about the location of our cloud resources to ensure the availability and security of our service