Why SD-WAN Should Be Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

With IQS, it is possible to maintain business continuity in a hurricane. 4g failover to the rescue

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Network Downtime Affects Your Bottom Line

If time is money, downtime is money wasted. The 2017 Veeam Availability Report, a global survey of IT decision-makers conducted by ESG, found that downtime costs enterprises an average of $21.8 million each year. There has been a 36 percent year-over-year increase in downtime incidents. Not surprisingly, 86 percent of survey respondents expect downtime costs to continue to go up in the future. That’s why business continuity is so important.

Whether downtime is caused by hardware failure, a weather-related event or a cyberattack, the bottom line suffers when employees can’t access the IT resources they need. Customers and business partners lose confidence in your organization, your reputation suffers, and resources have to be diverted to make up lost ground.

Losing WAN Connectivity Grinds Business to a Halt

The loss of WAN connectivity can be as bad as a server crash — if not worse. Most organizations rely on the WAN to connect multiple locations and remote workers. The WAN also supports IP phone systems and collaboration tools, and provides access to cloud-based applications. Without the WAN, business grinds to a halt.

The right software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution can help maximize WAN availability. SD-WAN makes it possible to implement a hybrid WAN with intelligent path selection and automatic failover. Organizations can increase WAN resilience by supplementing multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and broadband Internet with 4G/LTE or satellite connectivity.

An Ohio-based retailer with more than 70 showrooms in 24 states can attest to the value of SD-WAN for business continuity. With many of its stores clustered along the East Coast, including several locations in Florida, the company was concerned that a hurricane or other disaster could interrupt WAN services. Based upon a recommendation from its IT solution provider, TTx, the retailer began testing InSpeed’s SD-WAN solution in a single location.

Our SD-WAN Means Business Continuity…Even in a Natural Disaster

The retailer was using MPLS to support the IP phones in each location, and wanted to add 4G broadband for redundancy. InSpeed made it possible to flip back and forth between MPLS and 4G with no dropped calls or disruption of service. During the test, the retailer also found that Quality of Service (QoS) and performance were vastly improved when using 4G broadband with InSpeed instead of MPLS.

Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Irma began approaching Florida. The retailer sent an IT director to install InSpeed with 4G broadband at each Florida store before Irma made landfall. When WAN service was disrupted, InSpeed automatically switched over to 4G without any problems.

The retailer then decided to install InSpeed in its primary call center. InSpeed was meant to serve as a backup, but the company again found that InSpeed plus broadband provided better QoS and performance than MPLS. InSpeed’s real-time visibility and reporting capabilities showed that the MPLS connection had significant packet loss and latency even though it was only handling voice traffic. InSpeed was able to improve voice call quality and ensure performance for other traffic as well.

This led the retailer to eliminate all of its MPLS circuits and use InSpeed and broadband in every location. InSpeed provided the desired redundancy while reducing WAN costs by more than half.

Bottom line: Downtime is expensive. MPLS is expensive. InSpeed can help improve business continuity, reduce WAN costs and ensure performance for business communications and cloud-based applications. Contact one of our specialists to learn more.


Does Your SD-WAN Support IP Telephony? Shouldn’t It?

dowload a printable PDF of this articleIn June, Gartner issued a report entitled “SD-WAN is Causing Disruption in the Enterprise WAN Edge.” The report notes strong adoption of SD-WAN solutions, and predicts 57 percent annual growth through 2020. According to Gartner analysts, organizations are migrating to SD-WAN to better support today’s Internet access models while simplifying the WAN stack in branch locations.

That’s all well and good, but there seems to be a lot of confusion in the SD-WAN market. Many hardware vendors have introduced SD-WAN products with varying features and pricing models, which makes it hard for organizations to select the best solution for their needs. But Gartner notes one commonality across all of these options: they don’t support functions such as IP telephony.

Obviously, Gartner wasn’t talking about InSpeed.

InSpeed is the only SD-WAN solution that was built from the ground up for business communications. We prioritize voice, video conferencing and other interactive applications to ensure a high-quality user experience over any Internet connection. Sure, we provide intelligent routing, WAN optimization and security features, just like those other products. But voice is our focus, and you’ll hear it with every call.

Get in touch to to learn more about the benefits of SD-WAN—and get a free trial of InSpeed Quality Service.

Voice Is Dead. Long Live Voice!

Customers Increasingly Prefer Alternatives to Phone

dowload a printable PDF of this articleFor a number of years, marketing experts have been predicting that voice calls would ultimately take a back seat to other digital channels. Increasingly, customers want to use email, web chat and social media to communicate with organizations, rather than picking up the telephone.

Contact center investments have evolved in response to this trend. In a recent survey by analyst firm ContactBabel, 69 percent of organizations said they had a multichannel contact center, which allows customers to communicate with an organization using the channel of their choice.

But Nearly 60% of Customer Interactions Still Use Phone

However, voice is still used for 57.7 percent of all customer interactions, according to a 2016 benchmarking study. And while digital channels are great for rapid response to simple requests, the telephone reigns when it comes to more complex issues. In the ContactBabel survey, 63 percent of contact center managers said they prefer voice for handling complaints.

Now, if a customer is calling you to complain, you can’t risk a lousy connection. InSpeed Quality Service ensures that every call is crystal clear over any WAN connection, so your agents can focus on delivering a great customer experience. Contact one of our specialists today.

How the Right SD-WAN Simplifies Branch IT Management

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The IT requirements of branch locations have gotten pretty complicated. Organizations in retail, hospitality, education, healthcare and many other sectors are implementing advanced applications, high-end audio/visual technology and sophisticated collaboration tools across their remote offices.

In many cases, there’s no onsite IT support for these locations. The headquarters IT team has to maintain the technology in remote offices on top of managing mission-critical systems and applications, responding to end-user support requests, and trying to stay a step ahead of security threats.

The right SD-WAN solution can help reduce that burden. SD-WAN applies software-defined principles to WAN connectivity, eliminating the need for complex, manual configurations at the device level. Routing decisions are made based upon policies, and the entire WAN can be managed from one centralized controller.

InSpeed Networks takes this a step further, eliminating the need for IT to define policies. Plug in an InSpeed appliance and it automatically begins managing WAN traffic. All of your remote locations enjoy high-quality voice and video and improved application performance, with zero management headaches.

Have questions about how SD-Wan can simplify your IT Support? Get in touch.

Why InSpeed Quality Service Is Essential to Digital Transformation

InSpeed is Essential in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation holds great promise, but presents significant challenges – as applications shift to the cloud new networking solutions are required.

InSpeed is Essential in Digital Transformation

IT industry analysts typically spend the latter part of each year making predictions about which technologies will get the most traction in the days to come. For 2017, experts have their eyes on things like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and 3-D printing. Of course, they expect the Internet of Things to continue its rapid expansion and Big Data to get exponentially bigger.

Prognostications are all well and good, but what business leaders care about is the impact these technologies will have on their organizations. The pace of technology change is accelerating, and digital-native startups are gaining a competitive advantage over established firms. That’s why a concept known as digital transformation is a top priority for business leaders in organizations of all sizes. According to research firm IDC, a majority of CEOs will put digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies by the end of 20171.

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Digital transformation is about fully leveraging technology to change business processes and models — it is more than just adopting new technology. Organizations that embrace digital transformation are able to use IT to boost productivity, enhance the customer experience and drive innovation. Those that don’t are at risk of being displaced by more agile and responsive competitors.

For most organizations, digital transformation involves the use of cloud computing (which is expected to consume half of IT spending by 2018, according to IDC1), mobility and data analytics. These technologies enable organizations to streamline business processes, optimize customer interactions and create new revenue streams by reliably delivering applications to employees anytime, anywhere. Collaboration also plays a key role, providing the tools geographically dispersed teams need to effectively communicate and share information.

Digital transformation holds great promise — but also presents significant challenges. Many organizations are struggling with legacy IT infrastructure that is incapable of adapting to today’s changing workloads. The blend of onsite, remote and cloud hosted applications presents a highly complex operating environment. Furthermore, the Internet is rapidly replacing the corporate network as the primary conduit for accessing critical business applications. IT is losing its ability to control, secure and manage the enterprise environment from end to end, and perhaps most importantly, to guarantee a quality experience for its users.

InSpeed Networks gives you back that control, Streamlining the Internet™ so that it can truly support interactive and business applications. InSpeed Network’s unique solution moves beyond software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) by automatically optimizing network profiles, even under the most challenging conditions. InSpeed Networks ensures Quality of Service for voice, videoconferencing and other business applications, resolving the performance problems inherent with using the Internet as the primary means of connection. And it does all that Over-The-Top using existing infrastructure, including low-cost DSL and cable connections.

It’s easy to understand why InSpeed Networks is essential to digital transformation. The technologies at the heart of digital transformation — cloud computing, mobility and analytics — demand a robust yet agile network capable of handling ever-increasing data volumes and large numbers of devices. InSpeed Quality Service™ provides the intelligence needed to ensure reliable communication and application performance.

Digital transformation is a long and difficult journey that will fundamentally change the competitive landscape. To be successful, organizations need a network infrastructure capable of supporting cloud-based and interactive applications, and data-intensive workloads.

Let InSpeed Networks show you how to Streamline your Internet connectivity so you can better leverage technology to drive your business forward. Click the link below to download our white paper today.

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