InSpeed Quality Service

Streamlining the Internet™

  • Voice calls ⇉ frustration free

    No robot voice. No dropped connections. Just calls like your old landline used to be, but better.

  • Videoconferencing ⇉ Glitch Free

    Maintains video connections as long as possible. Keeps audio alive, no matter what.

  • Internet ⇉ reliable

    Keep your existing Internet connection. Replace expensive MPLS with commodity broadband.

  • Home Office with single connection ⇉ No Problem

    Fixes both home offices or multiple branch offices. Works over single or multiple Internet connections.

Vanquish Congestion
InSpeed Quality Service (IQS) is the first and only SD-WAN solution purpose built to make voice, videoconferencing and cloud-based applications work as promised over every WAN connection, all the time. IQS delivers high quality secure business communications over commodity Internet connections — you can now experience the promise of quality broadband without the expense of MPLS or other private circuits.
Interactive Application Focus
Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, IQS comprises a proprietary cloud element, a small on-premises network appliance and a portal. Installed in-line with a site’s commodity Internet WAN connection(s) the InSpeed Network Appliance tunnels all of the traffic from the site, over a secure VPN connection, to InSpeed’s Cloud Instance. IQS shapes the traffic entering and exiting a site, prioritizing interactive traffic (UDP) over ordinary Internet traffic (TCP), ensuring that the important packets (voice and videoconferencing) go first. Additionally, IQS manages bandwidth utilization end-to-end, which minimizes Buffer bloat and reduces congestion for all applications. IQS applies these actions on both downstream and upstream traffic and on all circuits. IQS is covered by two patents.
Single Sites and Multiple Sites
Single Site - IQS enables QoS on just a single connection through its unique combination of prioritization and congestion management (really intelligent provisioning). Continue to leverage inexpensive broadband connections, but now enjoy enterprise-grade quality.
Multi-Site - If you are currently using private circuits to implement a secure, private site-to-site network mesh, IQS can provide the same level of security and connectivity over commodity broadband connections, in addition to the same level of QoS that our service provides for a single site.

Remote Workers – Give quality to remote SOHO workers. InSpeed easily allows remote workers to reliably use their broadband connections to attach to the corporate network and without complicated firewall connectivity.

Business Continuity
IQS supports multiple WAN connections (carrier independent), dynamically steering traffic to effectively offer 100% uptime for critical business applications. As shown left, voice calls are automatically switched over to the redundant link if the primary one fails, without dropping the call or suffering any noticeable loss in quality.
Easy to Deploy, Manage and Policy-Free
IQS can be deployed in minutes with minimal IP address configuration and doesn’t require additional IP addresses to be sourced from your ISP. Once plugged in, the Network Appliance contacts the Cloud Instance, creates a secure connection and starts managing all traffic—the network becomes self driving.

Why self driving networks? InSpeed’s philosophy is that IT departments want sophistication without management headaches. Business application needs are constantly changing—who wants to manage hundreds of rules? InSpeed is built to prioritize and adjust to your business needs automatically giving you high quality voice, video and faster application access to cloud services (office 365, salesforce, etc).
Unique Analytics
Through a reseller/customer accessible web portal, IQS offers detailed, real time analytics for each customer’s connection, providing the visibility into the actual performance and characteristics of the WAN infrastructure.