Why InSpeed Quality Service Is Essential to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation holds great promise, but presents significant challenges – as applications shift to the cloud new networking solutions are required.

InSpeed is Essential in Digital Transformation

IT industry analysts typically spend the latter part of each year making predictions about which technologies will get the most traction in the days to come. For 2017, experts have their eyes on things like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and 3-D printing. Of course, they expect the Internet of Things to continue its rapid expansion and Big Data to get exponentially bigger.

Prognostications are all well and good, but what business leaders care about is the impact these technologies will have on their organizations. The pace of technology change is accelerating, and digital-native startups are gaining a competitive advantage over established firms. That’s why a concept known as digital transformation is a top priority for business leaders in organizations of all sizes. According to research firm IDC, a majority of CEOs will put digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies by the end of 20171.

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Digital transformation is about fully leveraging technology to change business processes and models — it is more than just adopting new technology. Organizations that embrace digital transformation are able to use IT to boost productivity, enhance the customer experience and drive innovation. Those that don’t are at risk of being displaced by more agile and responsive competitors.

For most organizations, digital transformation involves the use of cloud computing (which is expected to consume half of IT spending by 2018, according to IDC1), mobility and data analytics. These technologies enable organizations to streamline business processes, optimize customer interactions and create new revenue streams by reliably delivering applications to employees anytime, anywhere. Collaboration also plays a key role, providing the tools geographically dispersed teams need to effectively communicate and share information.

Digital transformation holds great promise — but also presents significant challenges. Many organizations are struggling with legacy IT infrastructure that is incapable of adapting to today’s changing workloads. The blend of onsite, remote and cloud hosted applications presents a highly complex operating environment. Furthermore, the Internet is rapidly replacing the corporate network as the primary conduit for accessing critical business applications. IT is losing its ability to control, secure and manage the enterprise environment from end to end, and perhaps most importantly, to guarantee a quality experience for its users.

InSpeed Networks gives you back that control, Streamlining the Internet™ so that it can truly support interactive and business applications. InSpeed Network’s unique solution moves beyond software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) by automatically optimizing network profiles, even under the most challenging conditions. InSpeed Networks ensures Quality of Service for voice, videoconferencing and other business applications, resolving the performance problems inherent with using the Internet as the primary means of connection. And it does all that Over-The-Top using existing infrastructure, including low-cost DSL and cable connections.

It’s easy to understand why InSpeed Networks is essential to digital transformation. The technologies at the heart of digital transformation — cloud computing, mobility and analytics — demand a robust yet agile network capable of handling ever-increasing data volumes and large numbers of devices. InSpeed Quality Service™ provides the intelligence needed to ensure reliable communication and application performance.

Digital transformation is a long and difficult journey that will fundamentally change the competitive landscape. To be successful, organizations need a network infrastructure capable of supporting cloud-based and interactive applications, and data-intensive workloads.

Let InSpeed Networks show you how to Streamline your Internet connectivity so you can better leverage technology to drive your business forward. Click the link below to download our white paper today.

Download Streamlining the Internet InSpeed Networks White Paper