InSpeed Quality Service is Ideal for Companies that Need a Next-Gen SD-WAN Solution for Addressing Security Issues

Palo Alto, California, October 4, 2018 – InSpeed Networks, the technology leader in SD-WAN solutions for improving network performance, visibility and security announced today that InSpeed Quality Service (IQS) is ideal for companies that need a next generation SD-WAN solution that addresses security issues more efficiently and cost-effectively.

InSpeed Networks has been delivering improved performance and quality for interactive applications such as voice over IP (VoIP) and video conferencing for several years, but customers are finding that security issues with SD-WAN are equally important. Most SD-WAN products are not designed with integrated security, which means customers have to purchase, administer and support a third-party firewall or secure web gateway at each branch location. This can be expensive and require additional time and resources to manage.

“Every company, large and small, has been affected by a security attack of some kind—cybersecurity isn’t exactly a new phenomenon,” said Ed Basart, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of InSpeed Networks. “But when it comes to SD-WAN, it’s critical that companies understand what problems they are trying to solve and how to solve them. That’s why we designed IQS with integrated security, because we knew it would be an important factor in customers’ ability to protect their entire operation, including remote locations and branch offices. We’re the only SD-WAN solution built from the ground up with this level of security.”

Basart’s vision has proven to be true, and InSpeed has hundreds of customers and thousands of users.

InSpeed Customers Value Integrated Security

“InSpeed has been very focused on security right from the start,” said InSpeed partner Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of IPC Technologies. “Our customers include medical offices, legal firms and financial institutions, and confidentiality is a top priority for them. InSpeed not only improves the quality and reliability of their voice and video, but gives them a secure environment that never fails.”

“IQS makes it easy for us to deploy security to customers’ satellite offices and for remote workers,” said InSpeed partner Scott Hobbes, President of ComTech Systems, Inc. “With customers like a fast-growing HVAC company, we not only improved the capabilities of Comcast (their provider circuit) but are deploying multiple failovers beyond just the cellular circuit they have. Another client of ours is an OB-GYN with five locations. With InSpeed, we secured the incoming connections to each of their offices, between those offices, and provided a layer of failover—all while drastically reducing their monthly bill.”

When it comes to SD-WAN, there are four types of security problems businesses need to address:

  • External attacks: Hardened edge, addressed by classic firewall functionality
  • Stolen data: Encryption, intra-enterprise VPN
  • Internal attacks: Anti-virus, worms addressed by FW-NG
  • Bad behavior: Intentional and/or malicious attacks

How InSpeed Quality Service Security Works

The InSpeed Network Appliance runs all enterprise traffic (internal, site-to-site) through a full VPN end-to-end encrypted connection. This is automatically enabled without costly and complicated equipment or software. The local Internet connection is protected from external attack with best practices firewall security mechanisms.

InSpeed Quality Service includes:

  • An enterprise wide Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect company data as it travels over the Internet
  • Same level of security as a private site-to-site network mesh
  • Added security of dedicated networks
  • Standard “best practices” firewall security services included to automatically protect remote offices’ Internet connections from attacks

InSpeed will be showcasing their solution at Channel Partners Evolution on October 10-12, 2018 at booth #1045. InSpeed’s Chief Strategy Officer and Founder Ed Basart will be available for interviews and to talk about where security and SD-WAN is headed.

For more information or to schedule an interview at Channel Partners Evolution, contact Ellen Pensky at or 925.699.7921.


About InSpeed Networks

InSpeed Networks, incorporated in April, 2015 by ShoreTel (SHOR) co-founder Ed Basart, delivers a simple, yet powerful SD-WAN solution specifically designed to address the service quality, performance and security demands of Voice over IP, videoconferencing and distributed business applications. The company’s technology leading SD-WAN solution ensures application network performance, security and visibility while reducing network bandwidth costs by up to 75%. For more information, visit