InSpeed is led by industry veterans from networking, interactive communications and SaaS. The founding team are repeat entrepreneurs who have all worked with each other before and, in the process, taken four companies public. InSpeed is privately held and based in Silicon Valley.

MSEE  Stanford     

Ed Basart       CEO    Founder

Before InSpeed, Ed founded ShoreTel (NASDAQ: SHOR), was its first CEO and VP of Engineering, and took the company public in 2007. ShoreTel created the Enterprise IP-telephony market, replacing silos of proprietary gear with software running on a PC. Prior to ShoreTel Ed co-founded Network Computing Devices (NASDAQ: NCDI) and was its CTO when it went public.

Ed holds 17 patents covering IP-telephony and networking.

MSME  Caltech     

Doug Klein       COO & CPO

Doug is an experienced operations, product and business development executive. As co-founder of Network Computing Devices (NASDAQ: NCDI) he took it public, and as COO of NuvoMedia (NASDAQ: GMST), he sold it to Gemstar.

Prior to InSpeed Doug was managing partner at Wampumm, VP of Technology Planning and Integration at Barnes & Noble, founder and CEO of LightPole, CTO of Vernier Networks and 
VP of Business Development at Packet Design.

BSEE  ASU     

Mike Jordan       CTO & CSO    Founder

Mike Jordan has broad experience in software development, IT operations and information security spanning 47 years. Previously, Mike was VP of Engineering at PlaceWare (NASDAQ: MSFT), Cengage Learning, 3DO and Network Computing Devices (NASDAQ:NCDI), and Director of Software at Ridge Computers.

Mike is the former President of the ISACA, Silicon Valley Chapter. He has been a consultant to numerous financial services firms, HIPAA covered entities and others, developing Information Security Management Systems, performing risk analyses, defining compensating controls and assessing the results of clients’ information security programs.

PhD  Cantab     

Lawrence Ebringer       CMO

Lawrence has more than 25 years of experience in management, marketing and finance. He was the founder and CEO of ASRA Technology, part of the founding team at Next Level Communications (NYSE: MOT), Director of Marketing at MMC Networks (NASDAQ: MMCN), General Partner at Sutter Hill Ventures and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Alloy Ventures and Foundation Capital.

Lawrence has consulted extensively in marketing and strategy, most recently with Enterprise SaaS company Aravo, and before that as Managing Partner at Wampumm, helping to grow offshore companies’ sales in the US.

BSCS  UD      

Barry Davis        VP Business Operations

Barry is an expert at creating and improving operational processes and systems that simplify internal functions and efficiently scale businesses. Before joining InSpeed, Barry was VP of New Product Introduction at VMware (NYSE: VMW) driving cross functional project teams to successfully launch new products. Prior to VMware, he was Director of Customer Service at Airespace (NASDAQ: CSCO). As Director of Service Programs at NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), he ran partner programs, business planning & metrics, new product introduction and technical education groups. While at Network Computing Devices (NASDAQ: NCDI), Barry was the VP of Service and Support.

BSEE  Heald      

Kim Dimick        VP Solution Services

Kim is an experienced networking and solutions engineering professional with over 40 years of industry knowledge, spanning from the early days of telephony through to the latest in networking technology.

Prior to InSpeed, Kim was a Senior Systems Engineering Manager at Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) , VP Technical Services at Packet Design, Director of Technical Services at Precept Software (NASDAQ: CSCO) and Software Services Program Manager at Network Computing Devices (NASDAQ: NCDI).